6 Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces of 2019 – [Buying Guide]

Most realistic electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are now high in demand. From mere utility gadgets, some of these appliances are now being used as a decorative item for your household. These appliances combine the modern technology of heating air with vintage look wooden fireplace grandeur. These gadgets are called the most realistic electric fireplace models in the market.

Plenty of electric fireplaces are available in consumer market nowadays. Whenever you want to buy the ​most realistic electric fireplace, you need to compare the most popular models to get the best electric fireplace reviews. The comparative shopping, according to our opinion, will help you to buy the best ​realistic electric fireplaces suitable for your need.

Editors' Choice
Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace

Multiple settings: yes. Dual mode: Yes, Heat : 400 sft. Cool glass effect: No.  Safety feature: No

Southern Enterprises Calvert

Multiple settings: yes

Dual mode: Yes

Heat : 400 sft

Cool glass effect: Yes

safety feature: Yes

Dimplex SMP-904-ST Fieldstone

Multiple settings: yes

Dual mode: Yes

Heat: 700-1000 sft

Cool glass effect: Yes

safety feature: Yes

Southern Enterprise Tennyson

Multiple settings: yes

Dual mode: Yes

Heat: 700 sft

Cool glass effect: Yes

safety feature: Yes

Real Flame 8020E-W Crawford

Multiple settings: yes

Dual mode: Yes

Heat: 700 sft

Cool glass effect: Yes

safety feature: Yes

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace

Multiple settings: yes

Dual mode: Yes

Heat: 1000 sft

Cool glass effect: Yes

safety feature: Yes

Most realistic electric fireplace reviews

Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert

If you are fond of buying a reliable and realistic electric fireplace insert for your cozy home for making it cozier, Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert is one of the best options you have at your access. The Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert looks not only good but also it is efficient in its output.

The Dimplex DFI2309 electric fireplace insert can be a blockbuster in the consumer market, and it will really add stylishness to the place in your house, no matter where it is installed. Suitability, expediency, eco-friendliness are some of the notable features of this smart electric fireplace.

If you are searching for a good add-on heating appliance, the model DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert from Dimplex is an excellent choice for your household purchase. While reviewing the product, the features that we have found especially notable are described here in details.


  • 1375-watt electric fireplace insert with patented flame technology and convenient remote control.
  • Easy to install into existing fireplace opening; you can simply plug it into any standard household outlet.
  • Built-in fan-backed heater can distribute heat evenly and quietly.
  • The fireplace is built with full heat, half heat, or flame only setting for enabling 4-season enjoyment; the packet comes with user manual.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • The remote can be used from a considerable distance too.
  • We have found the electric fireplace to run noiselessly.                


  • Utility and aesthetics at one go.
  • Easy to install.
  • Overheat safety protection is available.
  • Maintenance friendly.
  • Can run with heat/without heat.


  • Minimum control option.

Southern Enterprises Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace, (Ivory Finish with Brushed Texture)

Southern Enterprises Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace is an elegant looking accessory for your room's air conditioning as well as for room décor. If you love to add décor and utility at one go, it's a great firebox for you. Its brushed texture coupled with an ivory finish will surely steal your eye.

Versatility is the buzzword of this Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace. You can install it anywhere in your house. Even if you are running a small office, this ivory electric fireplace can complement office décor too as well as the fireplace will keep a place cozy and warm.

Besides the look, the fireplace is safe for its inbuilt safety features. It has features like automatic shut off system, and a thermostat that will auto cut the heat, once it reaches the optimum point. The flames and log arrangements are realistic and turn down slowly once the power is off.

The fireplace is a balanced assembly of veneer, MDF, metal, glass, resin. You need to assemble the electric fireplace. However, you can do the installation partly as it is an easy job. Let’s take a look at its essential features.


  • The fireplace produces and distributes heat wave quickly, quietly, and competently and can keep up to 400 square feet area warmer.
  • The remote control within the package can separately adjust the thermostat, timer, logs and fire flame like lightings. It results in creating a warm and cozy ambiance.
  • Ivory finish metal body is combined with elegant floral trim for promoting a soft and traditional room decor style.
  • The remote control comes with a child safety lock.


  • Realistic fireplace flames and logs.
  • Remote control of thermostat, timer, logs, flames.
  • Consistent heat wave.
  • Auto shut off feature inbuilt.
  • 100% energy efficient.
  • Temperature controlled touch glass.
  • Child safety feature.


  • Some assembly is needed for installation.
  • Hardware and color quality s compromised.

Dimplex SMP-904-ST Fieldstone Pine and Stone-look Electric Fireplace Mantel [GDS26L5-904ST]

Dimplex SMP-904-ST Fieldstone Pine and Stone-look Electric Fireplace Mantel GDS26L5-904ST is your handy choice if you want to heat 700-1000 sq. feet around space in your room with an efficient and soothing heat wave. It is adjustable, flames are lighting charisma, and can be adjustable.

Dimplex SMP-904-ST Fieldstone Pine and Stone-look Electric Fireplace Mantel looks like a traditional medieval fireplace with its stony look. It runs noiseless, and you can easily mount your room television on it, it is that sturdy.

One of the most realistic electric fireplace models from Dimplex runs smoothly and silently. The faux stone fascia is imitation, but it looks pretty good and attractive. The fireplace, when to be installed looks small and cozy and equally user-friendly in terms of operation and installation.


  • Smart and good looking in its appearance,
  • It is a big fireplace by its size: its 26 inch self-trimming firebox deserves special mention for its robust look.
  • The LED light is fitted with a lifelike flame effect.
  • The fireplace can be operated with and without heat effect.
  • Interior light and flame speed can be controlled.
  • The remote is a multi-functional one.
  • The electric fireplace comes with a 2 –year limited warranty.
  • It runs noiselessly.
  • It is an energy efficient electric fireplace.


  • Hand carved mantel is the added glamour
  • The realistic wood fire effect.
  • Stone look finish is elegant.
  • The fireplace can heat up to 1000 Sq. Ft.
  • Flames can be set with or without heat effect.


  • It’s pricey in its category.

Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace with Bookcase, (Ivory Finish)

If you want to buy and enjoy a space-saver multipurpose electrical fireplace, Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace is one of the best options available in the market. It comes with a bookcase, which will work as additional storage for you.

The fireplace is carved with an exquisite floral design. The adjacent 6-shelf bookcase is a wonderful organizer from your books/home décor items. Its real life like flame, amber log, and vintage brick laid design is a great addition for your home.

Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace is an energy efficient gadget, and it is versatile in its look too. It is easy to install. You can place it in any room, and it will upgrade the ambiance.

The user-friendly remote access is one of the best features that has added convenience to its uses. The 4-way adjustability of the remote will help you to set the warm ambiance of your room. Safety features include automatic shutoff and touch-cool glass.


  • The fireplace produces and allocates uniform heat quickly, softly, and competently up to 400 square feet.
  • Remote control is available that can individually adjust the thermostat, timer, logs, and life-like flames: as a result, it creates a lively and cozy ambiance.
  • Six fixed, bookcase style shelves freely showcase decor items.
  • The mantel is able to support a flat panel TV that may measure up to 68.25 inches wide inclusive a base quantifying up to 40 inches wide.
  • The Ivory finish and the floral design combo has depicted an exquisite traditional style.
  • It is a self-regulating electric fireplace that has protective glass that remains cool if touched. The remote control comes with a child safety lock.
  • According to free standing electric fireplace reviews, it is quite robust. It weighs 152.5 pounds, measures 70.25 inches wide x 14 inches deep x 42.25 inches high, and it requires some assembly before installation.
  • Product materials include: poplar, MDF, poly-resin, metal, glass, resin.


  • Sturdy but attractive look.
  • Multipurpose furniture.
  • Multifunctional remote.
  • Cool-touch glass.
  • Dual mode is an advantage.


  • Assembly can be of a problem.
  • Compromised portability.

Real Flame 8020E-W Crawford Electric Fireplace (White)

Real Flame 8020E-W Crawford Electric Fireplace, white is an energy-efficient electric fireplace. Users call it a next-gen, most realistic electric fireplace insert because of its advanced features. Some of the features of the Real Flame 8020E-W Crawford electric fireplace are controlled by remote, pre-programmed thermostat, timer function, brightness settings, and best flame effect electric fire led technology, etc.

The realistic electric fireplace insert is built with chestnut oak frame and white finish, which has added a sophisticated elegance to this multipurpose electrical home appliance. The lively flame electric firebox can be plugged into a standard outlet for appropriate setup. The electric fireplace can be operated in heat or no-heat option, which adds to its functionality.

This quality electric fireplace is built with some user-friendly features. Only correlating these features with your personal ambiance, you will get to understand the superiority of this appliance.


  • The electronic fireplace is sturdy by its structure but sleek and slim in its shape.
  • The realistic looking fake fireplace can be operated in dual mode
  • Remote control operation is available.
  • The front glass remains cool due to the preprogrammed thermostat.
  • It is made of wood, hence completely eco-friendly.
  • The most realistic electric fireplace has to be plugged in a normal 120VAC wall outlet.
  • The electric fireplace runs silently.
  • It is energy efficient and comes with multiple flame-speed setting.


  • Good looking
  • Energy efficient.
  • Safety feature enabled.
  • Versatile for all room decor.


  • Slightly Difficult for assembly.
  • Not very effective for large space.

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace and Mantel | Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces [4600 BTUs]

MagikFlame best electric fireplace heater and mantel operate silently. Users have expressed their satisfaction with the energy efficiency and safety features of this electric fireplace. It is completely pollution free but can offer realistic effect like cracking sound of woods, etc.

The built-in atomizer is an added pampering to our classy choice for a natural ambiance. The best electric fireplace insert can be operated with heat or no heat option. Furthermore, the electric firebox is built with so many user-friendly features that are alluring to select the item.


  • Realistic fireplace flames without smoke & embers: it is one of the realistic effects of this fireplace.
  • You can get to enjoy rich photo-realistic flames engulfing electric logs without pollution and fine rolling smoke exactly like a real flame electric fireplace.
  • The fireplace offers the best artificial fireplace logs glow effects: here each log is accurately painted & lit using low powered flamboyant LED lamps to get a realistic ambiance.
  • Low Powered LED fire lamps is used in the real looking electric fireplace model. It is one of the quality electric fireplaces that involve the use of micro-controlled LED lamps containing 24 yellow & orange diodes to accurately regenerate a fiery glow to condition your home.
  • Crackling realistic electric fireplace logs’ sounds are included in the best realistic electric fireplace effect.
  • In this electric fireplace, flames are accompanied by digitally created crackles & pops of real burning logs to further impose the impression of an actual fire.
  • The electric fireplace crackling sound effect has made it one of the best crackling electric fireplaces in market.
  • Built-in speakers amplifies the sound of burning logs with best possible accuracy clarity.
  • The MagikFlame model looks attractive in your home regardless it is turned on or off. The most realistic electric fireplace is an elegant piece of high-quality hand-built furniture with intricate decorative molding throughout that praises all types of room decor.
  • The electric fireplaces that look real can heat the room with its efficient & safe electric coil heater. The heating element can be turned on to warm you up on the coldest of winter nights or switched off to enjoy the fireplace ambiance only mode.
  • The handcrafted look of the best flame effect electric fire fireplace is taken to the next level with the addition of a simulated aged brass metal container to hold the logs.
  • The antique look of the wood holder ads an elegant decorative charm to your interior.


  • Attractive look.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Removable.
  • Fully adjustable settings.


  • You need a converter.
  • Casters are not included in the basic model.

How To Find The Most Realistic Electric Fireplace: The Ultimate Guide

Words like spellbinding and mesmerizing come to our mind when we think about fireplaces.

Where traditional wood-burning or gas fireplace inserts creates much more hassle, like maintenance, costs of wood logs, etc., not to forget the fumes, electric fireplaces, on the other hand, are much more convenient. Since they don't need gas lines (for gas fireplace inserts), chimney or any other infrastructure, you can easily install an electric fireplace anywhere you desire as long as that place has a power outlet, and especially in homes where having a traditional fireplace is not an option. Just one important thing to remember, don't overload the circuit, consult an electrician beforehand.

Are Electric Fireplace Realistic?

Short answer? -- Yes, they are.

Over the years there has been a remarkable improvement in electric fireplaces. As a result the realism has become uncanny. The hand molded and hand painted logs and embers built into an electric fireplace do a spectacular job at simulating a real fire.

By producing impressive, realistic flames, including smoke and pulsating glowing ember effect.

Imitation logs are indeed popular ones, but you can also opt for pebbles which looks like coal. Speaking about those flames, LED lights are used to mimic the flames of a real fire, by timing the lights you can set them to flicker as well. Some models have a feature of changing the color of the flames, giving an eye-catching touch. LED lights are reliable, without maintenance and energy efficient, which provides another advantage.

While looking for a fireplace, look for one which allows for the progress of flame and glowing embers. It is an automatic feature, which starts slow and grows further. Either with a flip of a switch or a push of a button, you will be able to control the progress of the charming refracted 3D flames.

Realistic Flame Technology.

We already know how the realism is achieved in flames, the refracted light from either LED or a standard bulb is set in random 3D patterns, which ultimately gives the flickering effect. Additionally, some color matching technology can be employed to ensure the flames resemble the signature orange-yellow hues of a real fire. Some fireplaces use a smoke effect, which is technically a real fine water mist, it resembles a lot like actual fire.

Basic Features You Must Know

Before we start comparing between the most realistic electric fireplace heaters cum display fireplaces, it is important to know the quintessential features of these utility decorative electric home appliances. Once you know the basic features of the popular high end realistic electric fireplace models, you will get to select the most desired one with better ease.

Most desired basic features of the most realistic electric fireplace models:

  • It is better if the fireplace/heater is energy efficient.
  • Installation must be easy, and lesser assembly feature is much desirable.
  • The fireplace should have at least two modes: heat or without heat.
  • Multi-function remote is one of the most deserving features for enjoying control of the flames, heat, and ember bed.
  • The heater assembly should be compatible to be used with any standard 120-volt outlet for ease of installation.
  • The noiseless operation is necessary: it is perfect for enjoying a peaceful ambiance.

Factors to Consider While Buying Realistic Electric Fireplace

Decide why you're using an electric fireplace

Whether you are looking for heat efficiency, aesthetics or perhaps a combination of both. When you be able to research all these info thoroughly, it will minimize your options thus making it easier to select one. Do not buy a fireplace if your intention is to heat more than one room, if you decide to save money in this manner, you will be left with an overly heated main room, so the only option you will have in the end is to keep the fireplace off most of the time.

Also if you want to have a heat efficient fireplace, consider buying one which is thermostat controlled and self modulated. That way you won't have to control it manually, and your desired room temperature will get regulated automatically.

Matching with your decor

When you reach a decision on the fireplace insert, do ask the salesperson about the trim designs which are available. Having a fireplace that stands odd with your decor is a waste of money, you should find one which seamlessly blends with your existing decorating style.

Log set

While choosing a decorative log set, choose one which would leave sufficient space after getting fixed into the fireplace area.

By having ample space around the logs not only makes it look beautiful, but it also ensures that the valve doesn't get overheated.

Size of the fireplace matters

Remember the size of your room before you choose your fireplace. If you buy a small fireplace and expect a big room to get heated, it's not going to happen. Perhaps if it's your bedroom, then a small fireplace would be apt. You will also have to make sure that, the room where the fireplace will be installed, should be able to handle the electric load the fireplace carries with it.

Depending on the size of your fireplace, you might even need an electrician to create a dedicated circuit for it, so as to avoid overloading your circuit. While it is not particularly necessary, nonetheless it is wise to run through an electrician before making your purchase.

Sound effects

A small, lightweight unit produces pop and crackle sounds, which simulate the signature sound of a real wood fire. This crackle sound box comes with a manual on/off operations, and 3 volume settings (low, medium, and high). It completes your electric fireplace rather perfectly.


Modern-day fireplaces come with an inbuilt programmable thermostat, with operation timer. (with some up to 9 hrs) This allows your unit to be completely customized and tailored to your preference. Furthermore, they are equipped with remote control, so that you can easily regulate your desired settings. The LED which creates the dynamic ember effect, can be customized with 5 various brightness settings, so whether it's a party or a cozied bedtime, your fireplace fits perfectly into any of these lifestyles.

If you are in a mood to enjoy the aesthetic of the fireplace, but not the warmth of it, just turn off the heating function. Some units have a safe plug feature, which actively monitors the temperature of the room as well as the unit, so if the unit gets overheated this feature immediately shuts down the fireplace to prevent any unsafe conditions from arising.

Couple of Other Things That Also Need to be Considered

Take a look at the fireplace that you are about to buy while it's not active. Because you won't be using your fireplace for 24/7 all year long, so it's important that you like the way your unit looks when it's not active. Another important issue, do not choose a fireplace which relies on a fan to push the hot air generated from the heater out into the room. The best ones are efficient without a fan.

Although a fan does help in circulation of air, the heat output improves only by a slight margin, but there will always be noise. Now if you do have a fan, make sure it has separate controls so that you can easily turn it down, up or off, depending on the need.


Now you know from close view the features and user benefits of purchasing some of the best beautiful fireplaces that offers realistic effect. All the models we have reviewed here are top rated electric fireplace inserts from some specific aspects, but your taste, room décor, or budget may go only a specific one.

We have included here ornate electric fireplace models from different leading brands. All these brands offer good customer care, and all products are rated well by users. Hence they are safe for purchase, but you need to buy them off season if you want to enjoy some extra price benefits.

If you want to know the best time to buy electric fireplace, and the best electric fireplace looks realistic model for your home, hopefully, this energy efficient electric fireplace reviews and tips will help you in taking the right decision.

Before buying most realistic electric fireplace, you must check it goes well with your room décor, it has the compatible warming feature of room according to your premise. The electric fireplace that matches your choice out of the most realistic electric fireplace models should be your final choice.