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How To Install Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace In 5 Easy Steps?

A fireplace is not a luxury, but an essential as winter is knocking at the door. Who does not want to sit by the warm fire and sip on a cup of coffee? It is not only enjoyable but very much necessary as well.

But nowadays fireplaces have...

Should you be worried about electricity bill while using electric fireplace

I wonder, the technology has taken a secret pact never to stop amusing the mankind! A loop hop from a basic landline to a classy, stylish Smartphone, a journey from Oh-I-don't-know-where-I-am saga to "get the maps on dude!". Phew! What...

Is it safe to leave the electric fireplace on overnight?

The electric fireplace area in every home grabs most of the love when compared to other places in the house! Yes, a blanket, a hot coffee, an exciting novel or a movie are enough to create a relaxing environment in a warm and cozy ambiance.


Electric fireplace: Safety and Maintenance Tips

Well, everybody loves to receive that "One warm hug" which melts their stress right away! Yes, the electric fireplace exactly knows how to cheer us up by handling our freaking crazy mood swings by creating a jovial atmosphere!

The electric...

Does an electric fireplace have a real flame?

The very first thing that pops into our mind while spending some time around the electric fireplace for the first time is " Why can't I hear the clicker sound?".

Glowing warmth

The primary purpose of any fireplace...

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